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"Hello and welcome to my site Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys. It features hundreds of custom action figures from lines such as Marvel Legends, Masters of the Universe, GI Joe, DC Universe, Aliens vs Predator, as well as characters from all sorts of video games and movies. Customizing involves taking parts from other action figures, combining them with your own personal touches, and creating a brand new figure. Here on this site you will find guides and tutorials here to help you learn how to make your own custom action figures and a large custom action figure gallery with detailed write-ups of parts used for each custom action figure. Any eBay links on my pages contain my Ebay Partner Network affiliate links so if you buy anything you'll be helping me out! Check out the customizing links section for all sorts of information, forums, and products related to the hobby. Enjoy your stay!"

--- John Mallamas (aka Jin Saotome)

Recent Custom Action Figures

The thumbnails of custom figures below are ones I've created recently in the last month or so. Check my Custom Figure Auctions to see which ones are currently up for sale this week. Check out the Custom figure gallery and you'll find the entire list of all my customs made since the beginning. They're in alphabetical order and categorized. Email me if it's an older figure you're looking at and want to know how I made it. Please note I do not take commissions at this time. Any updates on commissions will be posted in the future.

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Looking for other custom action figures made by awesome customizers around the world? Click your favorite series below to be taken to this week's offerings! All eBay links are eBayPartnerNetwork affiliate links that help me out!

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Customizing Guides

Customizer Auction Sales on Ebay, the C.A.S.E. Files!

With so many cool customizers out there and so many cool customs showing up on Ebay... how does one keep track? How do you catch the figure you want before it disappears? I'll tell you how, open the C.A.S.E. Files! It stands for Customizer Auction Sales on Ebay, a network that lists auctions from many different action figure customizers like myself so anyone can easily browse through and find what custom action figures are being sold. Anyone who sells their custom figures through Ebay can join and the page will be updated regularly with new artists that make some of the coolest customs this side of the universe! You'll find auctions from all sorts of figures from Marvel, DC, video game, movies, and more. Check it out!

Cosplay Items

Maverick REV-6

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While I'd love to take commissions for custom figures, I just don't have the time to make them for everyone. Right now I'm only selling my custom figures through Ebay, so check my auctions link at the top every week to see if there's a custom figure of mine you want to bid on. This is the best way I can play it fair to give everyone a chance at one of my pieces. Want to suggest a figure I should make? Want to critique my work? Got questions on how to customize something? Just drop me an email!

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