Jin Saotome's Custom Action Figure Gallery

Jin Saotome's Custom Action Figure Gallery

Welcome to my Custom Figure Gallery archive. Here you'll find almost every custom I've made over the years all the way up to the newer figures you see thumbnailed on my main page. Should you have questions about an older figure without a write-up drop me an email and I'll be happy to tell you how they were created. Please note however that I do not take commissions at this time. Also..


The only custom figures that are for sale can be found on my EBay Auctions that run each week. This custom action figure gallery only contains pictures of my past work that have already sold. Since my customs are one-of-a-kind creations I realize this means a lot of people will be disappointed. However this is what my Guides Page is for, so you can learn how to make your own customs. Feel free to copy anything you see here so you too can own the character you've always wanted!


Custom Transformers Action Figures

AllSpark Diorama (Transformers Movie)

Airachnid (Transformers Prime jet mode)

Air Raid (Cyberjets)

Arcee as a jet


Arcee (TFA)



Barricadia (RotF original)

Barricade (Transformers Movie)

Barricade Vers 2 (Transformers Movie)

Big Daddy

Blackjack (Gangster car)

Blackout 'Final Battle' (Transformers Movie)

Blackout (Transformers Movie)


Bludgeon (Generations)

Bludgeon (AoE)

Bludgeon (RotF)

Bonecrusher (Transformers Movie)

Brawn (Titans Return)

Brawl (Animated)

Brawl (Transformers Movie)

Breakaway (Gray with pivot wings) (RotF)

Breakaway (RotF)

Bruticus (movie style)

Bumblebee (End of the Road)

Bumblebee Camaro 08' (Transformers Movie)

Bumblebee Battle mask (Transformers Movie)

Chromia (RotF)

Cliffjumper (Generations)


Cobra Rattler (Powerglide mold)

Cop-Out (original character)

Cyclocon (Transformers Prime Vehicon Motorcycle)

Cyclonus (Classics)

Cybertronian Driller

Demolishor (RotF)

Dinobot (Beast Wars)

Double Clutch


The Fallen (RotF)

The Fallen (Classics)

Galvatron (War for Cybertron)

Galvatron (Transformers Movie)

Galvatron (Classics Purple)

Galvatron (Classics Blue-Gray)

Guiltaur, Transformers Animated


Heatwave (Rescue Bots)

Holiday Bumblebee (Shortpacked.com art)


Hooligan (Transformers Animated)

Hot Rod (Transformers Prime)

Hot Rod (DotM)

Hot Rod (Transformers Movie)

Impactor (comic colors)


Insecticon (Movie)

Ironhide (Generations)

Ironhide (Transformers Movie)

Ironhide Final Battle (Transformers Movie)

Jazz 'Final Battle' (Transformers Movie)

Jetfire (Classics)

Jet Set (DuoBot)

Jolt (RotF)

Kickback (RoTF)

Kup (last stand of the Wreckers)

Kup(End of the Road)

Kup (battle damaged)

Leadfoot (PCC)

Landmine/GI Joe A.W.E. Striker (Transformers Movie)

Laserbeak (DotM)

Laserbeak (Transformers Movie Real gear)


Meantime (Transformers Movie Real Gear)

Megatron Humvee

Megatron (Machine Wars)

Megatron (Beast Wars)

Megatron Tank (Movie G2 design)

Megatron (Generation Animation)

Megatron (G1 Movie-verse)

Megatron (DotM)

Megatron Voyager jettank (RotF)

Megatron Tank (Classics)

Megatron Tank (Generation 2)

Megatron de-iced Voyager Class (Transformers Movie)

Megatron Leader Class (Transformers Movie)

Megatron(s), Transformers Classics

Menasor (DotM)

Mixmaster (RotF)


Nemesis Prime(AoE)

Nemesis Prime, Transformers Animated

Nemesis Protoform Prime (Transformers Movie)

Octane (RoTF)

Omega Supreme (Transformers Classics)

Optimus Prime (AoE G1 style)

Optimus Prime (Generation Animation)

Optimus Prime -Leader Class (Transformers Movie)

Optimus Prime -Voyager Class (Transformers Movie)

Optimus Prime 'Final battle' -Voyager Class (Transformers Movie)

Payload SWAT(Transformers Movie)

Powerglide, Transformers Animated

Primus (Transformers Movie)

Protoform Arcee (Transformers Prequel Comic)

Protoform Bumblebee (Transformers Prequel Comic)

Protoform Optimus Prime 'classic colors' (Transformers Movie)

Protoform Optimus Prime (Transformers Movie)

Protoform Starscream (Transformers Prequel Comic)

Prowl (Transformers Movie, original character)

Punch/Counterpunch (Classics)

Rampage (RotF)

Ratchet (Transformers Movie)

Ratbat (Transformers Movie Real Gear)

Reverse Convoy


Rumble (Transformers Movie Real Gear)

Scorponok (Transformers Movie)

Scrapmetal (DotM)

Seaspray (RotF)

Sector Seven Stash (Transformers Movie)


Shockwave (End of the Road)

Shockwave (DotM)

Shockwave (RotF original)

Shockwave (Airbrushed and glossy!)

Shockwave V.3

Shockwave V.2

Shockwave V.1

Shockwave/Shockblast, Transformers Energon

Shrapnel Insecticon (Transformers Prime)

Sideswipe (RotF)

Skywarp, Transformers Animated


Smokescreen (Transformers Classics)

Soundwave (Universe)

Soundwave (Generations)

Soundwave (RoTF Stealth Jet)

Soundwave (RoTF Satellite)

Springer (Generations)

Springer (Transformers Movie)

Starscream as a motorcycle

Starscream (Generations Stealth bomber)

Starscream Vers 2 with alt Arms, gray F-22 (Transformers Movie)

Starscream (Transformers Movie)

Swindle (Generations Voyager)

Swindle (RoTF)

Swindle/Shockwave clone(Transformers Movie/game)


Toxitron (Generations)

Toxitron (Transformers Animated)

Twin Twist (DotM)

Ultra Magnus (End of the Road)

Ultra Magnus (Classics)

Unicron(Transformers Movie)

Vehicon (Combiner Wars)

Vehicon Cyclocon

Warpath (Combiner Wars)

Warpath (Classics)

Wasp (Animated)

Wheeljack (End of the Road)




Wreckage 'Ninja' (Transformers Movie)

Wreckage 'BotCon Stryker' (Transformers Movie)


Custom Marvel Legends & Capcom Action Figures

Abyss (MvC2 stage 2 form)


Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock (Classic)

Agent Phil Coulson (Avengers Movie)

Agent Venom

AIM Technician

Ant-Man (movie)


Akuma Blue

Akuma Red

Annihilus (movie style)


Apocalypse2012 ( Movie)


Archangel 2013

Archangel 2011

Archangel Red

Archangel Blue

Baron Von Strucker


Beta Ray Bill (Avengers movie concept)

Bionic Commando (original design)


Black Bolt, ToyFare #118

Black Cat 2012

Black Cat

Black Cat, vers 2

Black Knight 2016 vers

Black Knight (Movie Concept)

Black Knight ToyFare #114

Black Panther (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2)

Black Panther

Black Widow (Avengers Movie)


Brood Warrior (flying)

Brood (X-men Video game)

Cable (Days of Future Past concept)

Cable (Avengers vs X-men Movie Concept)

Cable (DC Universe style)

Cable (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2)

Cable (Civilian Clothing)

Cable MvC2

Cable (MvC2 2.0)

Captain America: Iron American (Concept Iron Man Armor)

Captain America MvC3 art

Captain America(movie concept)

Captain America (Avengers Movie)

Captain America (Steampunk)

Captain America (Commander Rogers)

Captain America (MvC2)

Captain Marvel

Carnage, bendy tendrils

Carnage repaint/weapons

Chris Redfield (Marvel vs Capcom style)


Cyclops (MCU Concept)

Cyclops (John Byrne style)

Cyclops (MvC2)

Cyclops (MvC)

Danger Girl Abbey Chase




Death's Head


Destroyer (Thor Movie light-up)


Donald Trump (Space Force)

Domino 2.0

Domino (X-force)


Doombot Drone


Dr. Doom 2016 statue vers

Doctor Doom (Secret Wars)

Dr. Doom (Jim Lee style)

Doctor. Doom Classic

Dr Doom (Steampunk Marvel)

Doctor. Doom 'What If?'

Dr. Doom (light up)

Doctor. Doom

Fire Man (Megaman)

Gambit (MCU Concept)

Gambit (MvC2 with energy card effects)

Gambit 2011

Gambit (Yellow/blue uniform)

Gambit (MvC style)


Ghost Rider MCU Johnny Blaze

Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze

Ghost Rider (90's costume and bike)

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider (Penance Stare, old)

Ghost Rider Battle Damaged (movie version)

Ghost Rider (Movie Preview)

Ghost Rider, Steel Spikes


God Emperor Trump

Grendel Hunter Rose

Grendel Prime

Hammer Drone, Airforce (iron Man 2)

Hammer Drone, Army (Iron Man 2)

Hand Ninja Temple Guard

Havok (classic outfit)


Hawkeye (concept art)

Hayato Kanzaki (MvC2)


Hulk (Steampunk)

Hulk, MvC2 BAF

Hulk, MvC

Hulkbuster Iron Man (Movie version)

Hybrid Symbiote

Iceman (Comic/Movie style)

Iceman (Toybiz Vintage style)

Iceman AOA with ice body

Iceman 2014

Iceman ML8 Frost

Iceman Original

Iceman With ice Armor

Iceman ML8 Clear

Iceman Age of Apocalypse Vers 1

Iceman Age of Apocalypse Vers 2

Iceman Age of Apocalypse Vers 3

Iceman with Jacket

Inspector Gadget

Iceman MvC2

Iron Fist 2015 (shirtless)

Iron Fist

Iron Man Igor Heavy Lifting Armor

Iron Man Galactus Buster Armor

Iron Man Gemini Armor

Iron Man MvC3

Iron Man (Steampunk)

Iron Man Negative Zone Armor

Iron Man Mark IV (light up)

Iron Man Mark IV (Movie 2)

Iron Man Mark VI with lights(Movie 2)

Iron Man (Neo-Classic)

Iron Man (Iron Buster)

Iron Man (Unique Comic Version)

Iron Man with movie-mask and light-up chest (Movie)

Iron Man Samurai Armor

Iron Man battle damaged with light up chest (Movie)

Iron Man, Repulsive Armor (gag figure)

Iron Man (Armory)

Iron Man (Movie Armory Edition)

Iron Man (Stealth Armor Comic neo-classic)

Iron Man (Movie Stealth Armor)

Iron Man (Stealth Armor with light-up)

Iron Man with Control Panel

Iron Man (Silver Centurion)

Iron Man (first appearance)

Iron Man (MvC2)

Iron Monger with light-up eyes and chest(Movie)

Jack O' Lantern (classic)

Jill Valentine Battlesuit (MvC3)

Jill Valentine (MvC2)

Jin Saotome 2016 version

Jin Saotome Marvel Select 7"

Jin Saotome, new (MvC2)

Jin Saotome (MvC1)



Juggernaut (Steampunk)

Lady Deathstrike 2.0

Lady Deathstrike


The Leader

Loki (Avengers Movie)

Luke Cage (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2)

Megaman MVC2

Machine Man (Nextwave)

Magneto 2017

Magneto (MVC3)

Magneto (Jim Lee 90's)

Magneto (levitating)

Magneto, AOA

Magneto, MvC2

Magneto, MvC2 (Airbrushed)

Magneto, Dark (CustomCon 13)

Mandroid SHIELD armor


Maria Hill (Avengers 2)

Maria Hill (Avengers movie)

Mary Jane Watson (Spiderman)

Megaman (Marvel Legends alternate reality)

Megaman (MvC2)

Membros (Micronauts)

Molten Man

Moon Knight 2016 vers


Morbius the Living Vampire (classic)

Mr Fantastic

Mr Knight

Multiple Man

Nemesis, Resident Evil (Marvel vs Capcom 3)

Nemesis (Holocaust) clear BAF

Nick Fury: Punisher Arcade game

Nick Fury (Avengers 2 Concept Artwork)

Nick Fury (Avengers Movie concept Armor)

Nightcrawler (Modern costume)

Ninja Assassin

Neo (The Matrix)


Omega Red




Psylocke (X-force)

Psylocke (Jim Lee)

Psylocke, (Marvel vs Capcom)

Punisher (MCU movie)

Punisher Movie Concept



Red Hulk

Red Skull (officer uniform)

Red Skull (Classic}

Red Skull (Modern)

Red Skull

Riot Symbiote

Rogue (Marvel Cinematic Universe Concept)


Rom The Space Knight

Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

Sabertooth (first appearance)


Scarlet Spider

Sentinel Hand base

Sentinel (TRASK Industries)

Sentinel Drone (X-men arcade game)

Sentinel 'Flying' videogame version


Sentinel, ML 10 light-up Classic

Sentinel ML 10, light-up head/torso

Sentinel, MVC2

Sentinel (Children of the Atom)

Sentinel, multi-scale

Sentinel Neo-Classic

Sentinel Classic

Sentinel 5-inch

She Hulk (Red, Betty Ross)

Shocker (Spider-Man Homecoming)

Shuma Gorath

Sigma 2.0 (Megaman-X BAF style)


Silver Samurai

Snake Eyes (GI Joe)

Spiderman Homecoming Symbiote suit

Spider-man Symbiote (airbrushed)

Spider-Man (Symbiote 2014)

Spider-man (Humberto Ramos style)

Amazing Spiderman (Magnetic Alley diorama)


Spectacular Spiderman

Spiderman (Red&Black)

Spiderman (Steampunk)

Spiderman (Negative Zone MU Infinite)

Spiderman (Negative Zone)

Spiderman (MvC2 style)

Spiderman, Symbiote 2014

Spiderman, Symbiote 2012

Spiderman, Symbiote Animated style

Spiderman, Symbiote with Mediocm-syle alt head

Spiral (comic)

Spiral (MvC2)

Star Lord (movie)

Strider Hiryu (MvC2)

Storm, white outfit

Sunfire Age of Apocalypse *New sculpt*

Sunfire AoA


Super Adaptoid

Symbiote Bullseye

Symbiote Cyclops

Symbiote Deadpool

Symbiote Gray

Symbiote Green

Symbiote Hulk

Symbiote Orange

Symbiote Red

Symbiote Sabertooth

Taskmaster (Udon costume)


Thor (Avengers Movie)

Thor (Steampunk)


Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr)

Tony Stark

Toxin 2017

Toxin (comic version)


Ultimate War Machine

Ultron: battle damaged

Ultron (Modern 3.0 airbrushed)

Ultron (Mark II)

Ultron Modern 2.0

Ultron (Modern with assembly base)

Ultron (Avengers 2)

Ultron (Age of Ultron)

Ultron (Avengers movie concept)

Ultron (Classic Thin form)

Ultron (Classic Perez)

Ultron (Modern, Avengers Unlimited)

Ultron ('Space Armor' design, green mouth/eyes)

Ultron (one of my first)

US Agent

Vengeance (Ghost Rider Movie-style v 2.0)

Vengeance (Ghost Rider Movie-style)

Venom 2016 symbiote detail

Venom (Marvel vs Capcom2 blue look)

Venom Marvel Legends Infinite

Venom McFarlane First Appearance

Venom vs Spiderman

Venom with Symbiote spawnling

Venom Comic(09)

Venom (09)

Venom with Gray shading and base

Venom, McFarlane version with alt Eddie Brock head

Venom Bendy Tendrils

Venom (Bagley)

Vision (Avengers Movie Concept)

Wasp (Avengers Movie)

War Machine Mark II (Iron Man 3 movie)

War Machine (Steampunk)

War Machine (Iron Man 2 Movie)

War Machine (Iron Man 2 concept art)

War Machine (Icons 12")

War Machine (Armory)

War Machine (War Destroyer)

Weapon-X: Wolverine


White Tiger


Wolverine (Spy outfit)

Wolverine (MCU Concept)

Wolverine(The Wolverine movie)

Wolverine (X-men Arcade game)

Wolverine (MvC2)

Wolverine Bloody Beserker Mode

Wolverine New Steel Claws (Target Exclusive yellow/blue)

Wolverine Cowboy (Civilian clothing)

Wolverine (Magnetic Claws)

Wolverine (MvC)

Older Wolverine customs

Wonder Man

Wonder Man (Avengers Movie Concept)


Xarus, son of Dracula


Zero (Marvel Legends Alternate Reality)


DC Universe 6" Figures

Alex Winters (Green Lantern)

Alien 51 (Green Lantern)


Arklik (Sinestro Corps)

Atomic Skull

Aurokus (Green Lantern)

Azrael, Knightfall

Azrael (Movie Masters)

Bane (Steampunk)

Batman (Toybiz Vintage style)

Batman, Combat Armor

Batman (Steampunk)

Batman (Movie style Knightfall suit)

Batman (Super Articulated)

Batman (Batman the Animated Series)

Batman with articulated cape


Batman Beyond

Bat Sentry (DC Superheroes Light up version)

Bat Sentry (DC Superheroes)

Bat Sentry (DC Kingdom Come)

Constantine (Movie)

Clayface (Batman the Animated Series)

Clayface (Build-a-Figure)

Flarus (Green Lantern)

Hal Jordan (movie)

Jevax/Manhunter (Yellow Lantern)

Joker (Chaos Lantern Corps)

Kyle Rayner


Miss Martian

Mr Freeze (Steampunk)

Rawlk (Red Lantern)

Red Hood (DC Collectibles head/arm mod)

Red Hood (DCU)

Robin (Steampunk)

Robin John Blake (Movie Masters)

Robin (Young Justice)

Rot Lop Fan

Scarecrow (Yellow Lantern)

Shou-Jen (Green Lantern)

Skinner (Sinestro Corps)

Solomon Grundy

The Spirit (Will Eisner version)

Superboy (Young Justice: Invasion)

Superboy (Young Justice)

Superman (Christopher Reeves)

Talia Al'Ghul & Shirtless Batman

Wonder Girl (Young Justice)

Wrathael (Red Lantern)

Marvel Universe, 3 3/4" 1:18 scale Figures




Cable (MvC2)

Cable and Deadpool


Mecha Deadpool

Deadpool (Marvel Universe style hips)

Deadpool with Scooter

Deadpool with Sheep Cannon

Death's Head I

Dr Octopus (Spider-Man Animated series)

Dr Octopus


Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance Movie

Ghost Rider Tron (Tron inspired artwork)

Iron Man Mark VI blue arc reactor (Iron Man 2)

Jin Saotome

Loki with Frost Giant Army

Mad Jack



Sentinel, MU scale



Venom (Beefy)

Venom (magnetic)

Venom, Stretch Strike



War Machine(Iron Man 2 Comic vers)

War Machine

Wolverine, steel claws

Machine Head, original figure designs

Grimwing (Original Character)

Machine Head (Original Character)

Pyre (Original Character)

Onell Desgin's Glyos System in custom 1:18 scale

Pheyden, Sarvos, Dark Scar Pheyden, Exellis, Buildman, etc

Custom GI Joe, 3 3/4" & Sigma 6 Action Figures

2's Company (assassins)

Acroyear (Micronauts)

Air Man (Megaman)

Army of 2

Ashley J Williams (Evil Dead 2)

Ashley J. Williams (Army of Darkness)

Baron Ironblood

BaronKarza (Micronauts)

Bass (Megaman)

B.A.T. (Armor Suit Model)

B.A.T. (Heavy Model)

B.A.T. (Ninja Model)

Bionic Commando

Black Racer

Bodyguard Cobra B.A.T.


Bubble Man (Megaman)

Captain Falcon (F-Zerp)

Casshern (movie version)

Chris Redfield RE5

Chris Redfield, RE1

Cloning Tubes

Cobra Commander(GI Joe: Into the Void)

Cobra Commander in Battlefield Armor

Cobra Commander (Power Suit)

Cobra Commander (Power Suit ver 2.0)

Cobra Banshee

Cobra Crusher/Hunter Mutants

Cobra Jet Engine Technician

Cobra Reaper Vers 2.0

Cobra Reaper

Cobra S.W.A.R.M.

Cobra Viper Guard

Clone Laboratory Tank


C.O.M.B.A.T. (Sigma 6)

Crash Course Merc

Crash Man (Megaman)

Cutman (Megaman)

Dawg (assassins)

Death Mask, Cobra Interrogator

Doctor Wily (Megaman)

Dr McNinja (webcomic)

Drill Man (Megaman)

Duke Nukem

Elec Man (Megaman)

ESWAT Cyber Police

Fireman (Megaman)

Flash Man (Megaman)

Frank West (Dead Rising)

General Hideki Tojo (WWII Alternate History)

Gramps (assassins)

Grendel, Hunter Rose

Gutsman (Megaman)

Heat Man (megaman)

Helghast Trooper (Killzone 2)

Helghast Shock Trooper (Killzone 2)

Hobo Joe

Ice Man (megaman)

Iron Strike Mecha with Scarlett

Jill Valentine RE1

Jin Saotome (Cyberbots)

John Mallamas (self custom)

Killzone (Merc version 3.0)

Killzone, (Merc version 2.0)

Killzone Mercenary

Leon Kennedy RE4

Leon Kennedy RPD

Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)


Lt. Stone (Rise of Cobra)

Lt. Stone

Magnet Man (Megaman)

Mall Zombie (Dead Rising)

Major Dutch Schaefer (AvP Arcade game)

Matt Trakker of M.A.S.K.



Metal Man (Megaman)

Metal Slug Tank

Natasha (assassins)

Optimus Prime (Alternate universe)


Protoman (Megaman)

Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)

Raizo (Ninja Assassin)

Red Laser

Red Shadows Trooper

Red Skull (alt universe uniformed)

Red Skull (alternate universe)

The Reverend (assassins)

Rick the Zombie Slayer


Robo-Hitler (alternate history)

Robo-Nazi (alternate history)

Robo-Joe (Star Brigade)

Robo-Joe (beefy!)

Rocksteady, Merc

Ryu Hayabusa Vers 2.0 (Ninja Gaiden II)

Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

Serpent Guard

Shadow B.A.T (Sigma 6)

Shaun of the Dead

Sigma (Megaman)

Snake Eyes, Ninja Ambush!

Snake Eyes (Power Suit)

Snakeman (Megaman)

Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Space Case


Storm Shadow

Yoshii Tanaka

Tanaka (Sigma 6)


Teddy Roosevelt (WWII alternate history)

Terra Drone

Tron Bonne (Megeman)

Tunnel Viper

Urban Tanaka Ninja

Vava MKII (Vile, Megaman)

Void Armor(GI Joe: Into the Void)

Void Jumper(GI Joe: Into the Void)

Void Viper(GI Joe: Into the Void)

Wart H.O.G.

War Zone

Wesker, Albert (Resident Evil)

Winston Churchill (WWII Alternate History)

Zero (Megaman X)

Zombie Viper Drop Pod

Zombie Viper/Crimson Guard Zombie

Zombie, rotting (Resident Evil)

Zombie Soldier

Zombie Civilian (Resident Evil)

Zombie Biker

Rage Zombie (28 days later)

Face off Zombie


Custom Halo 3 Action Figures

12" Spartan

Air Marshal Spartan

A.R.M.M. Spartan

Ascendant Master Chief

Corrupt Spartan 3.0 (Halo 4)

Corrupt Spartan (Advanced stage)

Corrupt Spartan

Drone Combat Spartan

Elite (Pink Armor breast cancer Charity)

Emperor Hayabusa

EVA Spartan (Halo Reach)

Flood Infected ELite

Flood Infected Brute

Flood Infected Grunt

Flood Infected Marine

Flood Infected Master Chief

Ghost vehicle

Grifball Olympic Spartan

Halo Wedding Cake Topper

Hayabusa (Ryu)

Heretic Grunt

Jin Saotome Spartan

Jungle 'Heavy Arms' ODST

Master Chief Mark V (Halo Reach style)

Master Chief Battle Damaged

Master Chief 'Museum of Humanity' Display Case


Recon Armor Spartan

Riot Control Spartan

Spartan Firebug

Spartan Medic

Spartan Soldier Variations

Tex from 'Red vs Blue'

'Team Phantom', Black Ops

Thom 293 (Halo Reach)

Warthog Vehicle


Skylanders articulated video game characters

Custom He Man Classics Master of the Universe

Aikidor Air-Ro (Wind Raider pilot)

Air Raiders Hero

Air Raiders Tyrant of the Wind





Battle Beasts Ferocious Tiger

Battle Beasts Triple Strike Snake

Battle Beasts Rocky Rhino



Bullet Bart





Commander Clank

Dead Leg




Emperor Scorpious



Gear Guard

Grayskull Space Armor

Genghis Rex

He-Man (Universe Prince, Korean Bootleg)

He-Man, Eternian Knight

He-Man (200X Classics scale)

He Man (200x)

He Man/Skeletor set (200x)

Horde Aqua/Slime Troopers

Horde Multi-Trooper

Horde Trooper Deluxe 8"

Horde Trooper Commander/Hordak Armor

Hordak (Filmation)

Nightmare Hordak




Kung Fury



Manglord (Manglors)



King Multarmo









Roboto (200x)


Skeletor (200x)

Skeleton Warrior

Skeleton Warrior (mobile game)


Skullman (Remco)


Havoc Skeletor (Lord Havoc concept figure)

Horde Terratrooper

Ripsaw (Starriors)

Skeletor (Movie concept)

Snake He-Man




Superman MOTUC style









Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Baxter Stockman (TMNT)

Bebop and Rocksteady

Casey Jones (ML scale Dreamwave)

Casey Jones (7" Classics)

Casey Jones (TMNT IDW Comic)

Casey Jones (Mirage)

Chrome Dome )TMNT)

Foot Soldier (cartoon style)

Foot Soldiers (TMNT)

Foot Soldier(vintage figure style)

Metalhead (TMNT)

Shredder (vintage figure style)

Super Shredder (Movie Style)

Super Shredder (Video Game)

Shredder (TMNT)

Slash (NECA style TMNT)

Slash (TMNT)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

TMNT Original Comic Figs


Alien vs Predator

Acid Storm Predator

Arachnoid Alien

Bat Alien

Bloodstorm Predator

Bone Collector Predator


Clan leader Predator

Dutch Schaefer (AvP Arcade)

Gorilla Alien

Harvestman Alien

Heavy Infantry Predator

Hound (domesticated)

Alien King

Herk Mondo

Linn Kurosawa (AvP Arcade)

Mad Predator (AvP Arcade)

Mantis Alien

NXS-Hiveslayer Combat Armor

Panther Alien

Praetorian Alien

Predataur, Bull-hybrid

Predator Hunter (AvP Arcade)

Pirate Predator

Predator, Arbitrator Class

Samurai Predator

Alien King

Ravager Alien

Scorpion Alien (Kenner Vintage style)

Snake Alien AvP SNES game)

Razor Claw (AvP Arcade)

Warrior Predator (AvP Arcade)

Custom Video Game Characters

Agent 47 (Hitman)

Alex Mercer (Prototype)

Albert Wesker

Big Sister (Bioshock 2)

Big Daddy (Funko POP! Vinyl)

Bionic Commando (Marvel Legends scale)

Bionic Commando (Capcom 2008)

Bionic Commando (Capcom Original)

Blue Spy (Team Fortress 2)

Chozo Statue (Metroid)

Chris Redfield (6" scale)

Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 5)

Contra Twins (Super Contra)

Dark Souls Mimic

Dead Space 2's Isaac Clarke

Earthworm Jim

Doom Marine (Doomguy)

Duke Nukem

Ermac (Mortal Kombat)

Fallout 3 Power Suit

Fallout 3 Power Armor 6" scale

Fallout 3 Vault Dweller

Gordon Freeman (Half Life 2)

Grey Fox, Cyborg Ninja (Metal Gear Solid)

Guy (Final Fight)

Headcrab Zombie (Half Life 2)

Hell Knight (Doom)

Helghast Shock Trooper(Killzone 2, Sigma 6 style)

Helghast Heavy Trooper (Killzone 2, Sigma 6 style)

Helghast Soldier (Killzone, Sigma 6 style)


Jill Valentine (MvC2)

Kratos (God of War)

Leon Kennedy

Major Motoko (Ghost in the Shell)

Master Chief (Halo 3, Sigma 6 style)


Mimic Chest 2.0 (Dark Souls)

Mimic Chest (Dark Souls)

Regina (Dino Crisis)

Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)

Rosie Big Daddy (Bioshock 2)

Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha)

Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden, Sigma 6 GI Joe style)

Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden, ML scale)

Sigma 2.0 (Megaman-X BAF style)

Sigma (Megaman X)

Sonichu / Pikahog Amiibo

Splatterhouse Rick Taylor

Samus Amiibo

Samus Aran (Metroid)

Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell, Sigma 6 style)

Shy Guy (Super Mario Bros 2)

Snifit (Super Mario Bros 2)

Sniper Joe 6" (Megaman)

Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid 1, Sigma 6 style)

Subject Delta (Bioshock 2)

Zero (Megaman X)

Other Custom Action Figures

Agent Smith


Boromir, wormfood (LoTR)


Candlejack from Freaka

Captain Strong (CarjackTheMovie.com)

Casshern (movie version)


Crimson Typhoon (Pacific Rim)



Demodog Dart: Stranger Things

Death Dealer (Frank Frazetta)

Fair Ellen from the MMORPG 'Asheron's Call'

Gipsy Danger (Pacific Rim)

Grendel Prime (1:18 scale)

Grendel Prime 2

Grendel Prime Old

Grendel Prime Old w/spines

Guts Berserk

Guyver 01, 1/6th scale

Iron Man (Sigma 6/video game)

Justin Aclin, ToyFare editor

Jubei (Ninja Scroll)

Knifehead (Pacific Rim)

Lion O ToyFare #116

Mad Martigan (Willow Movie)

Merle Dixon Walker (The Walking Dead)

Major Motoko (Ghost in the Shell)

Morpheus (Matrix, old)

Neo (2014)

Neo (Matrix, old)

Neo (Reloaded, old)

Neo (Revolutions, old)

Neo (Revolutions ver 2, old)

Neo vs Agent Smith (Matrix, old)

Parallax (Elseworlds)

Pyre (Machine Head)

Robocop (Kenner vintage style)

Robocop vs Terminator 'Endocop'

Samhain Ghost of Halloween (Ghostbusters)

Slenderman 2.0

Slenderman custom figure

Steve Irwin & Death Ray

Shredder (TMNT classic)

Tony Stark 1/6th scale

Terminator, Power Arm (Kenner)

Terminator, Hidden Power (Kenner)

Tron/Rinzler (Tron Legacy)

Vigilante (Original Character)

Wedding Cake Toppers

Witchblade (cleaner version)


Witch Engine (Magic the Gathering)

Xenu, Galactic Tyrant

Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core)

Zombie Male (The Walking Dead)

Zombie Female (The Walking Dead)


Custom Star Wars Action Figures

Boba Fett Black 6"

C3PX assassin droid 6"

Cabal, Star Wars Galaxies

Cabal, Old

Cabalís ship, The Decade Hawk

Cyborg Jawa Bounty Hunter

Carnor Jax (black series)

Crimson Cadet

Darth Vader Battle Commander

Dark Trooper, First Order Concept


Delta Squad Stormtrooper

Dianoga Black Series 6"

Dianoga, Star Wars

EVA Trooper

Grand Admiral Thrawn 6"

General Grievous 12 inch

General Grievous 4-inch Clone Wars

Jodo Kast

Kir Kanos (black series)

Kylo Ren


Shadow Guard


Looking for custom action figures that are for sale? Click your favorite series below!

While I'd love to take commissions for custom figures, I just don't have the time to make them for everyone. Right now I'm only selling my custom figures through EBay, so check my auctions link at the top every week to see if there's a custom figure of mine you want to bid on. This is the best way I can play it fair to give everyone a chance at one of my pieces. Want to suggest a figure I should make? Want to critique my work? Got questions on how to customize something? Just drop me an email at jinsaotome@hotmail.com I'm all ears!

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